How it works The FLEXBEEe mobile app is all you need to get started
  • Locate We‘re right around the corner. Check the app for bicycles near you.
  • Reserve No need to hurry! We’ll hold your bike for up to 15 minutes.
  • Unlock Just scan the QR code or enter the bike ID to unlock the bike.
  • Ride You are good to go, enjoy the ride!
  • Lock Push lever to lock the bike and pay automatically via the app.


* Monthly or annual tariffs available in connection with public transportation partners, where the first 30 minutes will permanently be free of charge. Every other 30 minutes will cost 1 € within the basic tariff.

** Special promotion for FLEXBEEe pedelecs within first three month after launch. 

What is FLEXBEEe

Station-free bike-sharing for the whole world. Our goal is to provide a flexible, safe, convenient and economical alternative for short distances within the city. This way, we are able to contribute to pollution control and enhance people’s health. 


The FLEXBEEe platform is based on the current concept of sharing economy. As a young start-up we want to build a community together with our users to further spread the ‘Idea of Sharing’ in Germany. 


Our advanced business model is inspired by the worldwide sharing economy trend und implemented by using latest technology. Each bike renting process is confirmed by smartphone to ensure, that all bikes are coordinated efficiently, while assuring an orderly conduct in public space.

Our bikes
Safety When you are on the road, safety always comes first!
Check your bike before starting out – tyres, brakes, and all.
Yield to pedestrians and other road users.
Do not ride against the traffic or on pedestrian paths.
Use clear hand signals to indicate where you’re going.
Obey all local traffic laws.
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